About us, Karlijn & Anne

Karlijn and Anne have been working with plant medicines, guiding and assisting in ceremonies for many years. Both are true believers in working with mind-altering plants for healing, personal growth and raising consciousness. They have experienced this themselves and witnessed this in guiding people in their journeys. Anne and Karlijn create a magical field and safe setting filled with love and (com)passion, being present from the depths of their hearts.

About Karlijn

About me
I work as a psychedelic facilitator and therapist in the Netherlands. I’m here to bring people back to the wisdom of their hearts, the place where all answers can be found. I believe that we are our very own medicine men and women. We have the potential to heal ourselves from within. I’m on a mission to share this medicine with the world, for those who are ready to step into the potential of our authentic selves and live a life from love, trust, and purpose. 

The journey within
After my Master’s Degree in 2011, I worked for several years as an HR Consultant for the corporate world. I felt disconnected from my own heart and the world around me. I didn’t feel at home in myself. I tried to work hard to ‘become’ someone. It was never enough. It made me sick. My soul whispered that there was more than earning money and trying to fit in a system that didn’t resonate with me. Ayahuasca, the Mother Plant, ‘called’ and my first journey with her expanded my consciousness tremendously. This was the starting point of many journeys and deep inner work. I feel grateful that I had the opportunity to learn and work with the Indigenous tribes from South America and western traditions.

Transformation Work
At some point, I felt a deep inner calling to facilitate other people in their transformation processes. I started an intense one-year training in transformation and shamanism. During this year I learned how to facilitate sacred ceremonies. When I met Anne it was love at first sight and we felt a deep inner calling to combine our gifts. This was the start of Truffle Ceremonies! We are uniquely doing this with a shared passion: Bringing people back to the essence of who they really are.

My Passions
Besides working with clients, I love to make long hikes in nature. On Friday evenings you probably find me on the ecstatic dance floor. I live in the forest in my tiny house where I enjoy the beauty of the seasons. Community life is what makes my heart sing. Making fires and having beautiful and heart-opening conversations with my friends and family. Heart-based living in connection with myself, the people around me and nature is what I stand for. 

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About Anne Olree

Authentic self
The essence of everything I do is about connecting people with their authentic self. When we connect with our authentic self (heart or soul) we remember again that we are part of nature, not separate, but connected with everything around us. Then we are able to heal ourselves. Magic truffles are an amazing tool to remember again - and restore forgotten or lost connections in our brain.

South American traditions and shamans
Working with mind-altering substances has always been one of my biggest fascinations. Back in the days I couldn’t have imagined that my hobby would become my work. From 2014 onwards when plant medicines came into my life I have done many journeys as a participant as well as an assitant/facilitator. I worked with many shamans and wisdom keepers from South America, learned from them and their traditions. My biggest teachers and inspiration are the Huni Kuin, the most colourful tribe from Brazil. Working with them and visiting them deep in the jungle has reminded me of the essence of living in harmony with nature.

Optimal setting truffle ceremonies
Next to this I worked and experimented in the Netherlands with magic truffles and mushrooms in different sets and settings, with guidance and music. Until the perfect setting was created for an optimal journey. When I met Karlijn it was obvious immediately that we share the same passion for this work and we should bring together all of our gifts. With truffle ceremonies we created the setting that feels appropriate for this time and place.

East meets West
I have an extensive background and experience in Eastern wisdom traditions in yoga, meditation and tantra. Besides that I work from a more Western approach as a coach and therapist guiding people in transformational processes. As a Jungian coach I also specialise in working and giving meaning to experiences from the unconscious. Especially in psychedelic integration sessions I use this to give meaning to symbolic images arising in psychedelic journeys.

Safety, trust and neutrality
The most important lessons I learned from all the people I worked with, is the importance of safety, trust and neutrality. This is strongly embedded inside myself and it is the fundamental core from which I can hold space for other people, groups and processes: in the neutral space the other can connect to his or her own healing potential and transform himself from the inside out.

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