Group Ceremonies

During the year we organize monthly group ceremonies in and near Amsterdam. In a group ceremony we come together with an intimate group, usually between 8 and 14 people. We use the truffle in a therapeutic setting to expand our consciousness and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves for transformation, healing, and growth.

As facilitators, we have a lot of experience and expertise in creating a safe and powerful energetic field. We create this field together, it is a co-creation between us as facilitators and all the participants in the ceremony. Together we step into the field of the unknown, the mystery and the magic. 

If you are interested in a ceremony, we will schedule a free online intake. During this session we will get to know each other, we can answer any questions and you will gain deeper insight into your intention.

  • See calender for an overview of dates and prices.
  • Find all the information about a one-day retreat under "truffle ceremony".
Reserve your online intake session

Price for joining this group ceremony is € 299,- (*) for an all-inclusive one day retreat in a ceremonial space, including personal guidance, magic truffles, organic meal, and aftercare on the day itself.

(*) If you would like to receive an invoice, we will charge additionally 21% VAT. 

Integration session

Optional and highly recommended after a group ceremony. From our own experience we know how important it is to properly integrate the insights from the ceremony into your daily life. We always say: the ceremony itself is 50% of the work and the other 50% begins when the ceremony is over.

During the integration session, we create a safe space to share the insights you have received. We help you integrate the insights into your daily life and turn them into concrete action. During this session we align body, mind and heart so that you can take the next steps on your unique life path in a grounded and confident way.

Costs: € 150 (including VAT) for a session of 1 - 1,5 hour

What else do we offer

Truffle Ceremony & Coaching Support Packages

In general it is recommended to only start a truffle ceremony after a couple of coaching sessions. Depending on what is going on in you and your life we can say from experience that it is recommended to start with coaching/therapy sessions to work on I-strength. This way the truffle ceremony can be experienced, received and integrated in an optimal way. The coaching sessions after the ceremony focus on integration and concrete action. In the intake interview we will look at the ideal build up of session(s) before and after the ceremony.

A truffle ceremony can be a life changing experience and bring up parts from the unconscious that you really need to be ready to receive. It is important to have a strong foundation in yourself to be able and ready to look at these parts for integration purposes.

In the coaching sessions, we explore to see where in your life you want to experience a shift. We explore blockages, fears and shine light on the root causes in your life. We help you see through behavioral patterns, coping mechanisms and conditioning from early life experiences. Combining coaching and a ceremony creates expanded awareness and more confidence in yourself and your own abilities.

Below you can find the support packages and prices for coaching, that can be additionally booked: 

  • Support level 1:  2 coaching sessions: 300 euro*
  • Support level 2:  4 coaching sessions: 550 euro*
  • Support level 3:  6 coaching sessions: 750 euro*

(*) prices including VAT


With some conditions it is not recommended to take truffles, such as heart disease, psychosis susceptibility and schizophrenia. It is also not recommended to use truffles when taking (some) medications. Please contact us if this applies to you.